"The next best thing to a Beatles reunion!"
- Gillian G. Gaar (Rock journalist/Beatles expert)
Far beyond a tribute band, internationally acclaimed Apple Jam accurately reproduces music from the Beatles full repertoire, including solo years, and never released songs. They have performed to thousands across the Northwest, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom
"These Seattle musicians are world-class and are the West Coast's answer to the Fab Faux"
- Bill Heckle, Cavern Club (Liverpool) & International Beatle Week organizer

SUICIDE (Digital Single) 1-1-2018 NEW!

Suicide is a cabaret styled crooner written by Paul McCartney, at age 14. The Beatles recorded a studio take, circa 1968. Apple Jam's rendition of Suicide is available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Spotify. listen to sample track


THE RISHI KESH SONG (Digital Single) 11-22-2017 NEW!
The Rishi Kesh Song was inspired by John Lennon's 1968 trip to India, where The Beatles studied Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Apple Jam's rendition of The Rishi Kesh Song is available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Spotify.



This Apple Jam EP showcases "Help Me to Help Myself," an unfinished John Lennon song, and "On the Wings of a Nightingale," a Paul McCartney song he never released. The two songs are performed in multiple Beatle period styles between 1964 to 1971. Alan White (Yes) has lent his legendary drumming talents to the project. Proceeds from the EP are being shared with Seattle Anesthesia Outreach to improve hospital care in Ethiopia. listen to sample tracks


Apple Jam's debut CD showcases 15 songs the Beatles composed in the early sixties, but never released as a working band. Apple Jam has embodied each track with an authentic Beatles sound, as if the Liverpool songwriters had released these songs themselves. "We used the same microphones, gear, and studio techniques of the period. Our goal was to make the album sound just like an early Beatles record, between WITH THE BEATLES and A HARD DAY'S NIGHT", says founding member Rick Lovrovich. listen to sample tracks

"Apple Jam's stellar performances of these songs make Off the Beatle Track sound like a long-lost Fab Four album" (★★★★1/2) - Goldmine     

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