"On the Wings of a Nightingale" EP
  • "On the Wings of a Nightingale" EP
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Apple Jam showcases "Help Me to Help Myself," an unfinished John Lennon song, and "On the Wings of a Nightingale," a Paul McCartney song he never released. The songs are performed in styles from various Beatle eras (1964-71). Alan White (Yes, John Lennon, George Harrison) has lent his legendary drumming talents to the project. Proceeds from the EP are being shared with Seattle Anesthesia Outreach to improve hospital care in Ethiopia.

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Track Listing listen to sample tracks
1. On the Wings of a Nightingale '64
2. Help Me to Help Myself '69
3. On the Wings of a Nightingale '69
4. Help Me to Help Myself '71
5. On the Wings of a Nightingale '71
6. Instant Karma (bonus track)

Featuring Alan White on drums (tracks 4-6)

Tracks 1, 3, 5 written by Paul McCartney. MPL COMMUNICATIONS INC
Tracks 2, 4, 6 written by John Lennon. EMI BLACKWOOD INC OBO LENONO MUSIC

Produced/Engineered by Jakael Tristram

© 2012 Roseta Productions LLC (steveroseta@gmail.com)

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