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The Stranger (reprint)
July 20, 2010

Music - Up and Coming - This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Saturday 7/24
Apple Jam
(Triple Door) Seattle's Apple Jam are Beatlemaniacs with skills. They've devoted their musical lives to replicating with impeccable nuance the Fab Four's classic-intensive catalog. They've also branched into Beatles members' solo material; tonight they'll tackle in its entirety Paul McCartney and Wings' massively popular 1973 album Band on the Run, with an addendum featuring cuts from Apple Jam's Off the Beatle Track(a collection of songs written by the Beatles, but never issued by them—that's how obsessive these cats are). Band on the Run is one of Macca and company's '70s peaks, and Apple Jam surely will do it justice. I'm especially curious to see how they render the weird keyboard emissions in "Helen Wheels."  DAVE SEGAL